When Human does not used their mind properly!

I just log in to my class's myspace for 5 minutes ago. I just did that coz i wanna delete the shirt that i have designed.

Then, after i view that picture, i mentioned that there are 13 comments from people.

Ok, thats fine by me coz they have their own rights to give comment or critique. But, most thing that annoyed me most when a person, yang bajet bagus, critrique it without used their mind instead used their emotions in it. Hey., i know la you hate from the bottom of the hell,yes, same as me too.

But, i never and ever critique your design like that.
I would said that only a MORON person would do such a thing. I would like to emphasized that people who are not think before they act can only brought themselves in hatred.
So, I In this case ( the girl who kurang ajar dengan aku) I will never forgive you till the day I die.

Yes, to be honest, you're much more smarter than me in your SUBJECT ! But, what is the point if you are only smart but you do not know how to respect others?? I can only said that you are far more IDIOT than I am!

P/S : People who are easily get effected with their own emotions till cannot think rationally, i can only said that you are such a BAKA! STUPID!!

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