D r a m a t i c - N o n e s e n !

Its been awhile since my last blog updates on November 10th, 2008. Well, as you can see, I am now quite busy; especially when this is the month for SPM students to fight against their own future whether they can be someone outstanding beyond their imagination. Hurm, do not understand what I mean? Haha, just forget it.


Its like a bad hair day for me; especially for English, Mathematics and History subject. I have read the topics that they target for SPM but the I can only make it about about from4 topics only. Other topics? NAH!~ Don't even ask! I think I can answer it well, but how well is it?

For Bahasa Melayu, most of the question forecast thought the topic for this year will be agriculture or tourisms. But, its not like we think about - because the topic form ministry education has given to us is about River Pollution for set A question and Aedes Mosquito for set B question.

For the first time, I felt this was the last day I live in this world. I mind was totally blur without any reason and my heart beat becomes more quick than usual - I was really mad at that time! Why the heck they choose the mosquito as our exams topic?? Why did the hell they choose Aedes mosquito???? Banyak-banyak topik, kenape laa diorang kuarkan topik tuu??

So, thats it. As the result, most of the SPM candidate has chosen that topic in the exam. I am not confident with my BM essay la. I think the first content for ways mosquitoes breed is similar with the second content. Owh Allah, help me!


I am now listening to the Dewa's song - Selimut Hati. I haven't listen to them since my last day with him. The word 'him' refers to someone that I haven't contact for along time ago and he is not my BF, ok..? Actually, I have already contact him, about 2 weeks ago. I don't even understand what the hell I acted such a mysterious way; I hold on my phone and call him without any logical reasons. I am such a Baka!

He picked up my call and he feels strange with my actions. But yet, he still talk with me with the same way he used to be. But, I have a strange feeling that both of us feel awkward towards each other. We try to talk like we always did, but still our conversation had failed.

Then, my credit has habis! Thats all, the end. Hehe =)


Well, as you can see, I have create my new account in Myspace. I have pretended to be someone else - I switch or change my sex become a male and put Xero as my Nickname. Now, people sees me as a guy who his name is Xero. To be frank with you guys, I really hate liying to other people. But, this case was like an urgent cases.

I have to pretend to be someone else because I really don't want people to know that I have came back to Myspace. I thought maybe they should know this after I finish my exams .
But in the same time, when I am thinking this problem twice, was all my friends in myspace still remember me, nadeshiko..? If its true that they have forgotten me, then I was lying for what..? It's really complicated..


I have used my father's laptop to design something that I need for my friendster Background around 5 months ago. While designing, I have come up with something that I never think before. Well, this picture is not really that GREAT ART, but still, i have made it with all my heart and I put a lot of effort for it.

Furthermore, I still used an anime picture for it as I don't have any tremendous image in my thumb drive since I did not have a leisure time to download any pictures anymore. This art is simply a simple design; especially the when I spend about 3 hours for it.

This is how it looks like. For full view, you can just click the image.

I guess thats all wanna share for now. My brain nerve brain has a critical problem - cause I am now feeling dizzy without any particular reasons. Ok the, tata! =)

P/S : Sorry for the terrible Grammar. I am still practicing in using a proper English.

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