A Priest

I am bored today. To fill these emptiness, I was sneaking (reading) into some of my friend's blog. It is really surprising since my last login, its been about a week I haven't read any of their blogs. So, there was a journal that really makes me attract with it - Samurai. Actually, there was nothing special with it; it just a quiz. But still, I think it is quite interesting since i have got such an amusing class - a priest. But, please don't think too far ok? its just a quiz...

The question will be like this :

1. Gender?

2. Is your main strength in magic?
Of course! Magic is my life!

3. Which weapon would you carry to battle?
Staffs, rods, flails

4. Which of these fashions do you prefer to wear? Say, to battle?

5. Would you lead the charge or stay safely in the back of the crowd?
Anywhere I'm needed.

6. Do you consider yourself high-maintenance?
Not at all.

7. Pick a favorite color out of these.

8. Your zodiac sign?

9. You don't die, you just...
hope someone else also has the ability to revive in case the others get hurt...

10. In your resume, you describe yourself as...
a healer *and* instrument of mass destruction

11. Which one word fits you?
caring (people used to think i am this kind of person..)

12. Which one word least fits you?

TADAAA!!~ The result from the quiz : You're a priest!!

Never thought the result will be a priest. I thought i will be a magician. Nah, who cares right?

Anyway, If you guys wanna try this quizes, you can just clik this link: Final Fantasy Quizes!!

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